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At 37, Akash stopped running after the next paycheck to finally pursue his dream of writing. He writes thrillers and reads everything he can lay his hands on.

He is a globally educated and experienced “corporate misfit”. He grew rapidly in his roles and responsibilities just to find that Writing was his calling.

He now devotes full time to his writings. He stays in Vadodara, Gujarat with his wife and two kids.

He lives by his one-liner philosophy.

“What matters is family, friends, health and getting better at what you are good at.

Rest is hogwash…”

Not much happens on this site. Most of the works happen on my laptop. 🙂

Then there comes the question, “What’s in it for you?”

Every once in a while, I’ll write a blog that you would like to read.

Or I’ll offer ways to be immortalised by being a part of my upcoming projects.

Or there are always some competitions or discounts available if you like my style of writing…

Anyway, I do hope that you enjoy the site.

You can always write to me at akashjoshi@gmail.com