To B-School or not to B-School

While working on the Unemployability Epidemic article, I came across the statistic of about 5,50,000 MBA seats in India. We also talked about how the wrong aptitude and teaching has led to this situation. This got me thinking. What are the reasons for getting an MBA degree or not for getting one? There are two […]

India’s Unemployability Epidemic

Capgemini India chief says 65% of IT employees not retrainable. HDFC Chief Says Four-Fifth Of Indian Engineering Graduates Are Unemployable. 9 in 10 MBA graduates, engineers in India unemployable: FICCI report. Indian Engineering Colleges churn out about 1.5 Million graduates every year while the MBA Colleges put half a million in the job market the […]

Who finds Mentor, Finds treasure!

  Ever heard of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill? They are longtime friends who made many (20 to be precise) very popular Spaghetti Westerns. Watching their movies is nostalgic for me. I have grown up watching loads of movies with my elder brother; we can still talk in the dialogues of those movies. They were […]

Job Hunt Basics

Back in time! When I returned in Oct 2003 from the UK after completing my Masters in Renewable Energy Systems Technology (long name, phew!), my search for an appropriate job was already on. Fresh out of college, a student loan on my head (or my father’s actually! ?) and a nascent field like Renewable Energy […]

I’m in the wrong job. Now What?

What matters why? I am feeling miserable! In my article on finding out the reasons for you not liking your job, we talked about three parameters; organization, job role, and employee. The reasons for you not wanting your current position may be from one or multiple of these parameters. After soul searching you come to […]

Three Big Revelations if you Hate your Job!

Aargh! It’s Monday again!! “God grant me the serenity to go to the office on the Mondays, courage to continue doing the same on Wednesdays, and wisdom to know Friday is around the corner.” – Akash Joshi I hate my job! Don’t look so scandalized at the statement. You’ve heard it often enough. Sometimes at […]