Plan ‘B’

As I start my new innings to carve a small place for myself as a writer, the corporate guy in me keeps pushing me to consider Plan ‘B’. I keep floating in a zone between self-confidence and self-doubt. Every day, the journey starts with confidence, by lunch, I am thinking about Plan ‘B’. Everyday evening, […]

F*** Empathy: Resign, or You’re Fired!

Interesting choice for a title, don’t you think? I just heard a clip doing rounds on the social media currently. A person from the Human Resources is giving a choice to an Employee; resign by tomorrow 10 AM or get terminated! The dialogue in the clip hit so many ‘don’t dos’ on its way to […]

Towards a Relevant HR

As an employee, you often come across the role called HR or the Human Resources. It works towards multiple goals; talent sourcing and acquisition, training & development, payroll & benefits management, industrial relations, employment policies (like performance appraisal). In terms of finance, it is always a ‘cost center’; in terms of Org. Structure, it’s always […]

Effective Strategizing

Strategy: the holy grail for all B-School students; the buzz word for all professionals. The word has taken ‘Strategic’ proportions (pun intended 🙂 ) with everyone aspiring to be associated with it. Everything is strategic; Strategic HRM, Strategic Supply Chain; Strategic Marketing; Strategic Choice, Strategic Genius; Strategic Strike; Strategic Thinker! In such a state of […]

Successful Lateral Hiring

Organisations have their policies with regards hiring for senior positions from outside. Many believe in promoting from within the ranks; there are those who have a mix of outsiders and insiders. Whatever the case may be, hiring a lateral from outside is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you think about it, an organisation culture […]

Three Commandments for Expats

There are those amongst us who sit on the beach and bask in the beauty of the ocean. Then there are those, who think, what would be beyond this sea? This rare breed is called ‘the Explorer’. They are the ones who have risked the comfort of the known to explore the unknown. These are […]