Miracles do Happen

The incident occurred in 2016. I was working in Bengaluru then. For the past some time, I was seeing Lord Hanuman everywhere. It looked like he was calling me. I have never been too devoted a person. During this period, a sketch of Lord Hanuman by a local artist was the talk of the town. […]

चमत्कार होते हैं

बात २०१६ की है I मैं तब बेंगलुरु में काम करता था I पिछले कुछ समय से मुझे हर जगह हनुमान दादा के दर्शन हो रहे थे I लग रहा था की जैसे वो मुझे बुला रहे थे I अपने जीवन में मैंने कभी भक्ति की ओर ज्यादा ध्यान नहीं दिया I बेंगलुरु में उस […]

Seven Signs of a Complete Man

Nope! I have not selected a wrong image. At the outset, if you noticed the ‘Man’ in the title, don’t let it stop you from reading ahead. Since this is the new age of equality, let me admit, that I’ll probably never use a ‘she’ as a general descriptor while writing. Of course, I could […]

Interesting Times We Live In

As we near the 70th Independence Day, I realise there is still much to do. Some improvements have definitely happened, many more still awaited. I Hope the political class and the citizenry also takes time to introspect! The poem is bathed in irony, with a little hope trying to escape through. 😉 Read On. 70 years […]

Little did I know before…

This poem was penned on 15th April 2017. Musings of a wandering mind. Enjoy. પેહલા થી તો કોણે હતી ખબર (Original: Gujarati) ઈચ્છાઓ ની ક્ષણ ભંગુરતા  જીન્દગી ની વ્યથા  ભોગવી ત્યારે સમજાઈ  પેહલા થી તો કોણે હતી ખબર    વર્ષો તો દોડતો રહ્યો તેની પાછળ  કોણ જાણે કોણી પાછળ  ધોળી થયી મારી સમજ  પેહલા થી […]

I’m Down but Not Out

2001: Failed in one subject by a few marks in the final semester; left with two options. Appear for one subject, and get a ‘pass’ Class on the degree. Or appear for the complete semester to obtain a better result. Chose the later, obtained a First Class Degree. Losing that one year, taught me a […]