My writing journey started in 2017 after I finally left my 12 year old career to plunge in. I managed to complete my first Novel.

I also managed by first 5k (believe me, I’m not the running kind…)


I am a writer at heart and stay at home Dad. My first book “Unfinished” was published in Kindle and soon going to be available in print.



I aim to write two novels this year, run a half marathon, and continue being the stay at home Dad.

Goals are critical to life. I have told you mine. What are yours?

Five Months sans Salary

Five Months sans Salary

In my first blog sometime in May of 2015, I had made a promise to myself. It had something to do with finding the courage to pursue my dream. Like all good things in life, this promise too had a deadline. Two years.

When I put up my papers last Oct, my Manager responded in less than five minutes accepting my resignation and wishing me all the success. Ouch! Never knew I was that popular! 🙂  On the other hand, I was thrilled to note that the acceptance cleared the path for fulfilling the promise.

My colleagues bid me farewell on the 20th of Jan this year. We (Wife, Two Kids) put our affairs in order and moved to my hometown. We had an agreement. I will pursue my love for writing, and She will pursue her long lost career (Eight years of managing two kids, one overgrown monkey, a house, the in-laws, relatives, and misc. leads to careers being long lost!).

In the last five odd months of ‘no salary’, a lot of things have happened.

1] A lot of well-wishers have asked the both of us ‘n’ number of times, ‘What is Akash doing?’ We usually laugh it off.
2] A lot of well-wishers have given us their full sympathy. ‘Don’t worry. Akash will get a job soon.’
3] Some friends have forwarded open positions to me. Sincere thanks to them. Trust me I have been tempted by multiple openings. But I want to pursue more meaningful (to me) works. Writing liberates me, will think of some other worthwhile things soon.
4] Wife has searched for jobs, took one, left one, and she keeps on going. She starts another today. Sometimes I wonder, with her kind of dedication, if she had continued her career, she would have far exceeded my career graph.
5] I have learnt a lot of handy man things; electrical, plumbing, car cleaning, drilling, the list is longer…
6] While my Wife worked, I managed to take care of the kids and house (sure, cooking included). Since my Post Graduate days, I have always been independent. But this was my first time taking care of the house.
7] I have managed to write about 28000 words of my novel, wrote a short story, and penned a poem. There is a deadline here too. 😛
8] I took on a few consulting assignments and will keep on taking the same.

9] There are still people who do not believe a word when we tell them about my intention of writing. 🙂

These are all new things for us, we take it in our stride. I have been relaxed, stress-free, and have not worn a wrist watch since I left work. Yes, we do have fleeting bouts of anxiety with regards the future; but hey, who’s seen the future. I spend enough and more time with my family.

We intend to keep on going like this with the hope that the positives of such living far outweigh the comfort of a well-paying job. In all humbleness, it is because of the well-paying jobs, and kind employers that we are able to take on such mission. I turn 38 today, I have kept my promise, all thanks to my better half, family, and friends. This is just the beginning, it is now more important to continue on the path.

P.S: heard an apt song while returning after dropping my wife off to her first day at the job. From the film ‘Three Idiots’; ‘Saari Umr Hum, Mar Mar ke Jee Liye…’


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  1. Hey dear happy birthday.very well written thoughts.its really hard to take this kind of bold steps in life.but u did it.
    Best of luck for The bright future of your dreams.proud of u.