My writing journey started in 2017 after I finally left my 12 year old career to plunge in. I managed to complete my first Novel.

I also managed by first 5k (believe me, I’m not the running kind…)


I am a writer at heart and stay at home Dad. My first book “Unfinished” was published in Kindle and soon going to be available in print.



I aim to write two novels this year, run a half marathon, and continue being the stay at home Dad.

Goals are critical to life. I have told you mine. What are yours?

Time is the Essence

Time is the Essence

This was the first blog written by me that is the begining of the current journey.

The pen is mightier than the sword, someone once said, and right the person was. Words are a serious business, and when introverts like me do not find a way to release the words from the confines of their minds, terrible things happen. Therefore whenever my mind becomes heavy with unsaid things and emotions, I write to let it all out. Writing has always come more naturally to me than speaking. The words that travel from the maze of my mind to a paper always hold more weight that the ones that simply end up being hurled from my tongue in the air. This is because the words that end up on the paper end up there after slow simmer and ageing in my mind while the other ones just end up and out.

This is not to say that it’s a universal truth, but it applies to me. I am a ‘think first’ person. I dare say that I have met many individuals who have the gift of the gab and the words from their mouths are poetic.So it will not be a surprise for anyone to read that I have been thinking of (in the interests of my sanity and of those around me 🙂 ) writing a little more seriously and steadily than the sporadic outbursts. Now after some work, the basics are in place; the website is created. What remains is as always the crux of the matter. Funny how we always forget the difference between the interesting and the important.

Lionel Robbins in his groundbreaking 1930s essay defined

Economics as the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.

To simplify, Economics is a science of scarcity. Thank you, Lionel, now we can all call ourselves as Economists. Who knows scarcity better than your average Joe? Money and resources are scarce, and therefore I have been running most of my life running after these resources; studies, jobs, promotions, money, property, fame. These are all external items, someone else’s idea of who I should be and what I should do: things to ‘show off’ that I have made it. It only is natural that to have all these; I would have to give something in return. But who knew the real price? You know the saying, “be careful what you wish for; you might get it.”

I had a lot of hobbies as a student; reading, martial arts, guitar. As my career progressed, work days started getting longer. I moved on to everyone’s favourite excuse for not giving them time, “I just don’t have the time for it.” Often in career, I have come across contracts, and the legal department is always running after us saying, “make sure that this phrase is not there in the contract.”

Time is the essence of the contract…

Well, I made sure that the contracts that I read through did not have this line. Time is the core of our contract with life too; it’s the price you pay for all the other things you want.

On Mar 09th this year, while I was celebrating my elder brother’s birthday one whole continent away from him, renowned Stanford Neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi breathed his last at the young age of 37 in a third continent. Paul fought a valiant battle against cancer and lost it, but his words live on. I read through his soulful essays and was overwhelmed. One gets a perspective when facing finality. We, however, never think about finality.

Humans have an inbuilt mechanism to ignore mortality until it strikes close to home. When young, we think we are invincible, and our bodies age far earlier than our minds thereby keeping up the illusion of invincibility for all our lives. This illusion is helpful in living life to its potential without fear. But I believe I can do better by always remembering my mortality with the intent of understanding the finality of the passage of time. So keeping in mind one’s finality is not to stop but rather start living.

All said and done, when one realises that it is not the money and resources that are scarce but rather the “time”, one has to give into a little introspection. Last week, I was travelling on a train, and the chain of thoughts led me to this little Epiphany. I am 36 (well, considering today’s stressed out world, it’s the new 50s one might say) and till date, I have been running after the wrong things. One might argue that it was the obsession with time that led me to a successful career and a comfortable life. Success as per whom and comfort as per whom, I might retort.

Time is the most valuable resource since the others might come and go, this never comes back. So the question I asked myself was, “if it is such a precious resource, what should I spend it on and more importantly who should I spend it with?” This question forced me to re-evaluate my priorities. I would like to spend my time doing things that make me happy. I would like to spend time with people who make my life a memorable experience. Happy memories helped me answer the questions of what and who.

 I remember being happy sitting and watching movies with my brother in the upper stall before all these multiplexes came along. I remember the road trips and treks that I had with the whole family during the school days. I remember being happy sitting in the co passenger’s seat while my father drove the car. I remember being happy on the road trip with my dad to see the forts of Shivaji. I remember being happy reading books on the sofa. I remember being happy doing the final research projects during my two post graduations. I remember being happy writing poems in my spare time. I remember being happy finding great places to eat with my wife when we were in Denmark. The present too has a lot of happiness for me; happiness when playing with my kids, when having a late night coffee with my wife, when finding new dimensions to the old books that I had read multiple times.

The Happiness for me comes from; family, books, writing, historical travels, and studies (no wonder I keep going back to the college). Starting today, with this blog, I promise to start spending more and more time on these things. I do have my current commitments, and I will see them through. Once these are taken care of, I will devote all of my time only to these activities.

Wish me luck and keep me on track…