My writing journey started in 2017 after I finally left my 12 year old career to plunge in. I managed to complete my first Novel.


I also managed by first 5k (believe me, I’m not the running kind…)


I am a writer at heart and stay at home Dad. My first book “Unfinished” was published in Kindle and soon going to be available in print.




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Uncorporated! A year away from the Corporate World.

Uncorporated! A year away from the Corporate World.

Many friends still discuss with me the reason of leaving a cushy corporate role and starting off as a writer. It has been exactly one year (20.01.2017) and so here is an Anniversary edition blog toasting the last year. It was on 22nd of October that I shot out my resignation mail and pat came the acceptance. There were multitude of reasons for writing that letter, but in the world of decisions, there is always an overarching theme. That one single reason that despite everything else leads us to a decision. For me it was my heart’s wish to pursue writing.

In the last year that I have torn away from the corporate, I have come pretty far. I have written my first fiction thriller, blogged a lot more, hung on to the ropes of being a stay at home father (learning the ropes would be the phrase, but that will take a longer time 😊), traveled a lot, spent wasteful hours on the social media arguing with others, and much more. The plans for this year are also big. But then, this blog isn’t about that.

This blog is about the things that I miss and the ones that I don’t being in the corporate world. So here goes. Let’s start with the things that I miss.

Colleagues: I am an introvert who loves his solitude. But working over the years, being part of and building teams, one ends up meeting a lot of people. Out of these people, there are those who end up being friends. Here is a shout out to them; MISS YOU ALL.

Team Work: I never learnt the art of seeming busy, completed what was necessary as soon as possible, and always ended up looking ‘Vella’. The work is almost always mostly mundane. You can hype up by saying what you want, but at the end of the day, it is mostly mundane. However, every once in a while, you get the satisfaction of doing something of value; be it completing the last phases of a big project, or working in the plant at midnight getting the right humidity for production to start by trial and error, building a team, interacting with the youngsters at campus interviews, burning midnight oil working on the product strategy for the coming years. Those moments of satisfaction at workplace, I do miss. Now, out of the corporate, the satisfaction is mostly individual, so such occasions are fewer and rarer.

Routine: In my previous blogs, I have underlined the importance of routine for a satisfied life. Having a job gets you a flying start in being disciplined and maintaining a routine. A life beyond is less demanding, and therefore, it is much easier to fall into a casual mode of living. Trust me, I have had to work harder to maintain a sense of discipline post the corporate life. The struggle continues. 😊

That ends what I miss. And here comes what I don’t.

Pursuit of Profit:  That this is the reason for a firm’s existence, is a given. This pursuit however, corrupts the best of efforts. It dilutes noble intentions into numbers, CAGRs, EBITs, top line, bottom line. It is because of such dilution that most companies fail to attain immortality. When great leaders decided to change the world, profit was the last of their botheration. The rise of GE, Apple, Tesla, shows that profits follow perfection. Unfortunately, stock options, pay, compensation, overtake the need to be perfect.

Meetings:  This one is a no-brainer. Meetings are a pure waste of time. It is the number one technique of seeming busy. Call in everyone (doesn’t matter if he/she is needed) to a meeting room, switch on the projector, ask for some tea from the pantry, and keep going! Yes, I know that every once in a while, the meetings are needed. Note to self: Write about those some day 😊

Pursuit of Power: I’m talking about office politics. One may believe that their organization is politics free, but it would be like staying in la la land. I had once a colleague who aptly summarized office politics;

‘I love it until it goes against me.’

Ask any manager what he needs for getting the result, and he would jump at resources. It is corporate code for ‘I want to build my kingdom’. And you hire 10 where 5 are required, tongues start wagging, and that becomes the root cause of politics.

Well, that sums up what I miss and what I don’t. Don’t let my words change your opinion. Let your experiences talk for themselves. During the preparation of an employee survey, my manager told me the following.

‘Akash, every survey needs to have an overarching question. Despite everything else, how satisfied you are with your work?’

This question has a big significance in surveys. If the answer to this is positive, the other negatives end up being a hygiene factor. What would be my answer to the question ‘Am I happy about leaving the corporate’?

My answer is an overarching Yes. Despite everything I miss, I am loving it going solo. Have a great 2018 you all. This year my goals are tougher than last, so keep the encouragement going!